FreeCAD 0.19.4 free download

FreeCAD Free Download Latest Version for Windows. It is full offline installer standalone setup of FreeCAD.

FreeCAD Overview

FreeCAD Powerful 3D CAD modeler and drawing tool which is targeted squarely at the mechanical engineering and product design fields. The program’s 0.12 version number tells you it’s not yet ready for prime time, but if you’re interested in this area – particularly if you’re familiar with Python scripting – then there’s already plenty to explore here. Also create a new document from scratch. There are also plenty of mesh tools; a drawing module which exports projected views of your geometry to a 2D SVG document; and a raytracing module which exports your work for rendering in POV-Ray. FreeCAD supports 2D objects like lines, rectangles, arcs or circles, as well as various 3D primitives (box, sphere, cylinder, cone, torus), each of which can then be manipulated in various ways translation, rotation, mirroring, scaling, offset and more.


FreeCAD Free Download - My Software Free


FreeCAD Features

  1. Complete Open CASCADE Technology-based geometry kernel allowing complex 3D.
  2. With native support for concepts like brep, nurbs curves, and surfaces.
  3. A wide range of geometric entities, boolean operations, and fillets.
  4. A full parametric model. All FreeCAD objects are natively parametric.
  5. That means their shape can be based on properties or even depend on other objects.
  6. All changes being recalculated on demand, and recorded by the undo/redo stack.
  7. A Sketcher with constraint-solver, allowing to sketch geometry-constrained 2D shapes.
  8. The sketcher currently allows you to build several types of constrained geometry.
  9. Also, you can use them as a base to build other objects throughout FreeCAD.
  10. Drawing sheets module that permits you to put 2D views of your 3D models on a sheet.


FreeCAD Free Download

Technical Details
Software Name :- FreeCAD
File Size :-  557.91MB
Version :-  V-0.19.4
Website :-


System Requirements
Operating System :-   Windows 7/8/8.1/10
RAM :-  2 GB
Hard Disk :- 4 GB
Processor :-  2.1 GHz Intel Pentium 4 or later


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